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“Rangeelo Rajasthan” and 10 best handicrafts of Rajasthan

Best handicrafts of Rajasthan
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Rajasthan, a famous state in India often reminds of palaces, forts, desert, camels, history, kingdoms, pink city, authentic food, puppets, folk dance Ghoomar, Balika Vadhu( the TV serial), bollywood movie Padmavat and best handicrafts. So, lets check out the best handicrafts of Rajasthan.

As a kid, when I used to see some colourful or multi coloured fabric I always called it Rajasthani and I am sure, there are many out there who thought the same. Hence the name Rangeelo Rajasthan. The state has a wide variety of handicrafts to showcase and the textiles and jewellery here are all time favorites. This state is one of the huge exporters of Indian handicrafts.

 Best handicrafts of Rajasthan

Let’s know more about the variety of art available here and I am sure you will be a fan of them till the end of the post.
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1.Blue Pottery
Blue pottery came to India in 19th century and is a Turko-Persian art. Initially this art was used in making tiles for Indian architecture in tombs and palaces but the art is still alive in many of Indian homes as home decors or useful products as vases, storage jars, plates and many more. It is made from ground feldspar mixed with gum or starch. It is locally known as kamchini.


2.Kathputli or Puppets
Kath mean wood and putli means doll. This handcrafted traditional art is more than 1000 years old where wooden dolls are wrapped in Rajasthani attire and entertain with dance and are also used in speading social message. If you ever visit Rajasthan this is a must see. Its a perfect souvenir or a gift.



3. Mojris or Jutis
An Indian festival or wedding is never complete without being traditional and ethnic wear. Mojris or Jutis complete the look. These footwear are eco-friendly and handmade by the artisans of the state using camel leather and decorated using glittering stones and embroidery. One of the best handicrafts of Rajasthan.



4. Lac Bangles
Bangles are a never ending love of Indian women when in festive mood. Jaipur, the pink city of India is the origin of the glittering Lac bangles. Lacquer is a type of varnish from wood. Artisans use lac to make the attractiive bangles and beautify with beads, stones, glitters, mirrors, etc.



5.Rajput paintings
A picture is worth a 1000 words. Rajput paintings also called Rajasthani paintings are a wonderful handmade oil paintings keeping alive the epics, themes, manuscripts and ancient India. Evolved in the 18th century this art is still has its importance till date. If you are a art lover you cannot miss this beauty.



6. Carpets
Carpets of rajasthan are fine hand-knotted silk and woolen fibers. Jaipur , Bikaner and Ajmer are the producers of carpets and rugs of various designs, floral and angular patterns. Artists use very bold and rich colours, as a result the carpets become attractive and uplifts the beauty of the space where used. A must buy Rajasthan handicraft, Jaipur.



As I said earlier, any multi-coloured fabric for me was Rajasthani, bandhani was one of them. Bandhani or Bandhej is one such textile type of the state which uses multicolours and also single colour. Tie-dye technique is used for making these fabrics. Be it a bandhani saree or dupatta, no one can have just one.



8. Jwaja Leather work
Leather work was one of the main occupation of the Regar community in the state, after agriculture. It is 300 year old craft. Jwaja ia a flourishing craft now and is becoming known across the world. From processing raw skins to finishing the product, no machines are used. Craftsmen work in their homes and this is complete handmade. Mojris, bags, leather diaries, jackets, wallets and belts are a few good picks.

Leather craft at a shop

9. Ivory
Womenfolk of Rajasthan use ivory bangles as a part of jwellery. Ivory, extracted from elephant tusks is a precious material and is widely used for decorative purposes, jwellery, jwellery boxes, God figurines, etc . Bangles made from ivory are intricated with meenakari work. They look stunning and eye catching. Presently, this is banned in the efforts to save elephants.

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10. Shisha Embroidery
Shisha is the famous traditional embroidery of Rajasthan. As the name, says this embroidery art uses mirrors to complete the fabric into art. Mirrors of various size and shapes are fixed or stitched with colourful threads. Artisans excelled in the craft make garments, bags, home decors and the list can go on.




These are the best handicrafts of Rajasthan. I hope after knowing about them you are in love with the Indian art. Check out our other posts and know about your state’s handicraft world.

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