Famous Indian Handicrafts from 29 states of India

Famous Indian handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts has its own unique history, starting from Indus valley civilization to modern style craft items Indian handicraft has been a very integral part of Indians. From thousands of years, India is known for its art and fascinating handicrafts which is still famous around the world. So, let’s know together about the Famous Indian … Read more

9 Reasons To Gift Handicraft Items

Reasons To Gift Handicraft Items

Presenting a gift to our dear ones is a way to show love, care, celebration and affection. Gifts are a part of every occasion and relation. Many untold words can be heard with just a gift and the emotions attached to it. The 9 Reasons To Gift Handicraft Items and handmade products will let you … Read more

Indian Handicraft Industry: Much more than what you can think of!

Making a time travel through the Mayurian period, Kushana Empire, Medieval period and finally landing to 21st Century, the Indian Handicrafts made a quality transition and expanded itself in various fields like sculpture, pottery, textile, glasswork, leatherwork, grave painting, and enameling and metalwork.