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Miracle of 108 Ram Naam with Ram Ram Writing Art

Ram Lekhan Art

Art is like a therapy for the artist and the art lovers. It has the power to enlighten your thoughts, uplift your mood and overcome weaknesses in life. And when it involves the name of the Lord Ram, art acts as a bridge to connect to the almighty God, grow spiritually and talk to Universe. Ram Writing or Ram lekhan is one such practise.

Numerous number of writing the name Ram (RAM NAAM )creates a miracle art.

Ram Art

ram lekhan kala


Let’s know the story of Ram Ram Arts and the Blessed Self taught Artist of this artform. She is Mrs Kavita Daga.

Ram Ram Arts

This 53 yrs old Maharashtrian lady started this new art form 3 years back. Currently she is staying in Kolkata and spends most of her time dedicating to this art and feels immense joy and contentment with the Ram Naam Lekhan (writing name of Lord Ram).

She calls this art an open eye meditation.

ram lekhan art

What inspired Kavita to create Ram Ram Writing Art?

In many holy places in India we get booklets to write the name Ram 108 times as a part of chanting Ram naam.

Kavita’s Mother-in-Law used to have the habit of writing them. She has been doing that for many years and always practised with same devotion.

When Kavita’s Mother-in-Law passed away, Kavita and her family completed the incomplete books as a part of performing the last rituals.

And gradually Kavita developed the interest and could experience the immense joy of this meditation. She used to write more than 108 times and then to thousands.

Then she started to give the writing into an artform by drawing simple objects and then filling it up with word Ram.

Ram ram writing Art is called as Ram Lekhan Kala in Hindi.

ram writing art

And now with support of her family and community she organizes workshops in which this art and its benefits are  taught. It is open to all age groups between 6-80 yrs.

She had done more than 40 workshops across the country in places like Bikaner, Jabalpur, Sambalpur and Jharsugda, etc. And promises to continue this in future.


In Hindu religion Lord Ram is incarnation of Lord Vishnu and son of King Dashrath. Victory of Good over Evil is the path shown by Ram. Ram Lekhan is one of the oldest ritual in Sanatan dharma.

As we all know Ram’s greatest bhakt Hanumanji had always the name of Ram in his words. That proves that chanting Ram is the solution to every problems. RAM RAM is also spoken and used to greet someone in India.

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Significance of Chanting Ram Naam

  • Shows right direction on the path of life
  • Gives peace of mind
  • Improves mental Health and overcomes disorders like depression, weaknesess, fear and anxiety.
  • Creates vibration on the human body which invokes the part of subconscious mind
  • Gives joy and satisfaction to soul
  • Heals pains and sorrows
  • Helps blood circulation

Speciality of the Ram writing Art

She said, this Art motivates us to move from selflessness to spirituality. She started with simple objects but now she also spreads positive awareness and includes social messages through her art.

No lines and points are used in this Art. She uses paper and red ball pen to write Ram in Hindi.

Ram Art

She has made 200 arts till now. She has gifted paintings to many holy places like Hrishikesh and many famous temples across India.

She has taught the art to many people in India and abroad. Many people follow her from various places and irrespective of religion follow this art form.

She also has sold 20 paintings abroad and has treasured her creations in her files.

In her future projects she wants to make anything special and in a bigger frame.

Her Message to all

She hopes everyone should adopt this artform because Ram writing has the power to bring the positiveness in life.

Make your own Ram Writing Book or Ram writing Pustika with this artform.

You can find her in Social Media.

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RAM RAM everyone as she says.

Her inspiring story proves – Age is just a number. Never too late to start anything. Art is a way to connect to God.

Please share to spread the artform and its magic. Let it bring positivity to people lives and the whole world.

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