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New Year Gift Ideas 2021

New Year Gift Ideas
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As we are heading towards 2021, we all are excited and have hopes and plans for the new year. Some bid good bye and thank the going year and some welcome the coming year. New Year Gift Ideas 2021

After such a terrified 2020, fighting the pandemic every second, we all are looking forward for a new ray of Life , Hopes, and betterment.

Here, are New Year Gift ideas to help you make it special.

The biggest celebration of the world is the New Year’s Eve. 1st Jan is a National holiday and many cultures celebrate it with joy. On this day wherever you are or in whichever time zone you are, the excitement and celebration is fun filled.

Best New Year Gift Ideas 2021 – Happy New Year

Below are a set of gifts, out of which you can choose the best one for your friends, family, love and best buddies. The last one is my favourite. (This post contains affiliate links. For more information visit the disclaimer page.)

1. Pre-planned 12 dates

How about planning 12 schedules, one for each month!!! Try 12 pre-planned fun time with your loved ones. As we live in a super busy era, where we hardly find time for family and ourselves, this pre-planned program can help relax a bit but make sure to stick to the plan.

2. Handmade Diary

A perfect gift for someone who loves to write or make notes. I loved the quote in it ” The Best Way To Predict Future Is Create It”.



3. Send a Handmade card

If you are from the 90’s you must have experienced the joy and emotion of sending a greeting card. Then came texting, sms, emails, ecards, etc. And now the wishes are just forwarded WhatsApp messages. This time send a handmade card and feel the happiness of simplicity. Also know the reasons to gift handmade products.



4. New year party

Parties are fun and welcoming the new year is a must do party. If you enjoy to host, throw a party with friends and family. These decorations will add a beauty to the place.



5. New Year Shirt Calendar 2020

The set of 12 Calendar cards are made of Eco-Friendly hand made paper and this paper is made from Cotton Rags (Waste cotton Fabric). You will also find a Plantable Seed Pen which is again made from paper. Once you fully use the pen, this time Don’t Throw but Grow by putting the pen upside down in the soil. It will germinate within 2-3 weeks as it has seed capsule behind it. How cool is that!!



6. Long weekends

You will be super happy to know that 2021 has Long Weekends. So, why waiting. Check out the calendar and plan your holidays. Pack your bags for vacation or just have a lazy weekend. I hope this year is a stress-free year to all.

7. Doodle Gift of Glee Set of 12 Floral Printed Notecards

If you enjoy leaving lovely little messages for your Mum, Dad, siblings, teacher, friend, mentor or anyone special in your life, then this will be a perfect pick for writing good wishes for the new year.



8. Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are a choice of everyone who is still in confusion. Ideal for All Kind of Relation (Family, Friends, Teachers Staff, Boss) , Corporate gifts, schools, etc.


Last One

As we are heading to 2021 and trying to make best out of the year lets learn from the mistakes of 2020. So, let’s pledge for hygeine, fight pollution, water conservation and plantation for a better year ahead. A perfect gift to our future generation, mother earth and ourselves.




New Year begins, let us pray that it will be a year with New Peace, New Happiness, New hope, New way of life. God bless you throughout the New Year. I hope the New year gift ideas help you send gifts and good wishes to your loved ones.


The first thing that we think for the new year is making resolutions. The second thing is making it or breaking it. Jokes apart!! This new year my resolution will be to stay healthy and less use of gadgets. What’s your’s????

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