Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages of India

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India is undoubtedly rich in handicrafts and art. And the origin of Art in India lies in rural area. The artists spend their entire life passing on the legacy to their generations and the art survives from centuries. Here are some must visit Popular Handicraft Villages of India.

One should always visit these villages to know the real essence and the colors behind the Art and handicrafts. We tend to just see these as a product at a shop or market. But this journey can reveal many stories and life of the art which has time traveled many years.

People of many villages in India had inherited the skills of art and craft from their ancestors and continue to produce various handicrafts, that have very good demand not only in Indian markets but in international markets also. Crafts village also act like a market as you can buy the artifact of your choice in rather cheap prices than in the general market.

It is such a wonderful thing that may NGOs have come forward and have bridged the distance of creating the products and earning a business for these village artisans.

Shilpgram Near Udaipur

Shilpgram is a art and craft place situated in Udaipur. The meaning of the term ‘Shilpgram’ is the ‘village of artisans.’ They host craft festival nearly every year to preserve the craft of the nearby places. The unique art and crafts festivals are hosted to showcase and motivate the talent of their traditional workers with pride.


It is a place where history, culture, and heritage are bound together to offer a ravishing image of glorious Indian past. Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated Shilpgram in the year 1989.

Though it is open on all days, but the best time to visit will be in the month of December , when the festival is celebrated for 10 days long. One can find many forms of art, craft, handicrafts, artworks. You will definitely feel rooted and proud to be part of that soil.

Raghurajpur Near Puri

Raghurajpur village located  in Puri District of Odisha. The village consists of artists only. Every house of that village have artists and the artistis walls speaks all of that.


Many crafts such as, Pattachitra, Palm Leaf engraving, traditional mythological paintings, coconut shell paintings, wooden toys, wooden masks and pattachitra sarees are created by those skill full hands.

In 2000, the village was chosen to be developed as state’s first heritage village and developed as a Crafts village by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). Soon the village had an interpretation centre, commissioned artwork on the walls of the artists’ homes and a rest house.

One can visit the place, enjoy the heritage culture and also feel the love of the village. It is a favorite place for local and foreign tourists to explore the craft in detail. A must visit place for all art lovers.

Pipili in Puri

Pipili , town famous for designing beautiful Applique handicrafts is located in Puri district in Odisha. It is thirty-six kilometres from Puri.

People making crafts have inherited them from their ancestors and this tradition has been running for centuries.

Each and every family of darjisahi, a well known applique village’s people are engaged in this applique craft. This is livelihood of most people here.

Applique crafts in done using colourful fabrics, mirrors, and threads. Many useful and daily purpose products are made using applique. Few are lanterns, umbrellas, bags, wall decors,lamps, and many more. Watching these colourful products is indeed a delight to eyes.


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