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The Journey of a HomeMaker to an Artist ; taking Indian Art to International Heights

Sambedana das mohapatra
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From daily household chores to Brush Strokes: This Self taught Artist evolved herself  during the Corona  Pandemic and now on a mission. 

Her Story

Sambedana Das Mohapatra, a self-learned artist, has now taken Indian local artforms like Mandala, Pattachitra, Madhubani and Warli to showcase in International Stages.

Now she is the owner of Oasis Creative Design Studio, her own artwork chain,  where she has different branches like Oasis Arts n Crafts which takes care of their social media marketing and promotions.

When the pandemic was effecting the world negatively , there has also been many positive changes around. And Sambedana is one of those personalities who created something best  from the low phase of her life.

She says ” I have been interested in art and crafts since childhood. I create artwork mostly associated with the root of our Indian culture. I am highly invested in local artforms like Pattachitra, Mandala, Madhubani etc. I have represented my art in many renowned exhibition and competitions as well.

Today she is an emerging artist and Participated in more than 50+ online and offline exhibitions all over India since 2018.

About Sambedana

While having a background in Finance and banking, she did jobs for quite some time , but was a home maker and she chooses Art and Crafts as her career. Originally from Odisha she is now settled in Mumbai.

As mentioned, she has been interested in art and crafts since childhood, the severity of corona made her feel lonely. To overcome the depressing lockdown phase, she reconnected to her passion.

She started sketching. She really enjoyed her time spent doing art and paintings, and from then there was no looking back.

She was very good at sketching feminine figures, especially goddesses. However, this time she thought of experimenting with other mediums like; Acrylic or resin paintings etc. Sambedana is not formally trained still she ensures to sharpen her blunt skills through online portals, books, and some old references.

She works in various mediums like Acrylic painting, Raisin paintings, mix-media painting, texture painting & fabric painting. She loves culture based India art forms as Warli , Madhubani and Pattachitra.

Her Achivements

She has showcased Indian Pattachitra Art in an International platform of World Art Dubai  (where the world’s art comes together) . World Art Dubai exhibited more than 4000 artworks from 300+ renowned galleries and solo artists, hailing from 60+ countries around the world.

Every artist was allowed to hold the artwork and walk along the ramp to showcase the art piece. To the audience surprise Sambedana walked the ramp empty-handed. She flaunted a beautiful Pattachitra saree handpainted by her. And when she walked the ramp wearing the saree , everyone around was mesmerized by the artwork on the saree.

She said the experience was memorable and proud moment for her to bring the Indian traditional art to the foreign audience. And this has inspired her to bring  more and more of all Indian art into wearables as paintings on sarees and dupattas. And she is already on her way to work on it.

She also got recognized in Top 100 influential Women of India. Now she is an Artist, Environmentalist and Influencer. Check her artworks in her Instagram page.


Sambedana has contributed her legacy to a social cause. She founded Oasis Art and crafts alone but now has a team of young artists who learned and also help her in growing this art platform.

She offers training and workshop as a gift to a marginalized community; and mostly she likes working with children, girls and females . And encourages them to take art as a skill and earn a livelihood.

Recently, she collaborated with Mumbai based organization and guided a workshop for underprivileged students followed by the opportunity to display their art in her own exhibition. She has also worked with another organization which works for differently abled children.

She also conducts Oasis Art Classes for enhancing and enabling art skills among kids of different diverse backgrounds. Sambedana says, “If the children can harness the skills they can be financially independent enough to take their own responsibility.”

Isn’t it inspiring!!

Her Vision and Mission

She is now unstoppable and is continuously working everyday to achieve her mission .As mentioned earlier, her mission is to make wearables of hand-painted Indian art.

Currently, she will be the Digital Committee leader for an upcoming event ‘Navi Mumbai fest 23’ and would love to exhibit her Art Pan India.

Her Future Vision is to design a concept of art therapy called ‘Art for stress management’. She says “If I can beat stress through art, I would like to show the same path to others.

Also, to art educate more and more unprivileged females and girls and enable them to be independent.


Today, Sambedana Das Mohapatra  is no longer confined to a homemaker. She’s a self-taught artist who discovered her true calling during a global crisis. Her paintings and her story is an inspiration to many.

Her journey reminds us that even in the most unexpected circumstances, the human spirit can find its path to self-discovery and artistic expression.

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