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Welcome to Living Art Life

Founded in NOV, 2019 by Snehalata Rowlo (Former IT analyst, a Blogger, a Mother and Art admirer). It is a tribute to the Indian art and handicrafts and including art in the way of living, as the name says Living the Art in Life. Bringing some lost stories of crafts, arts, artisans and keeping it alive from generations to generations.

LiVe LiFe  full of ART & CoLoUrS.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a one-stop for Art lovers and know more about the Indian art and handicraft creations, support artisans to keep the art surviving and growing in life.

Indian Handicrafts

Every state in India has unique artworks which has made the state to be proud of. This is an effort made by us, so that one knows about all the artworks of India. So lets make the ends meet. 

North should know the South and East should know the West. INDIA is the best.

This site is completely made with interest towards Indian Handicraft Art and not offensive to any person or community.

We bring before you history of the art and crafts, stories of artisans, inspiration from art, home decor ideas, craft business ideas and many more.

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Contribution to Environment

In the modern era of machine made products, handicrafts has its own place importance and benefits. Now in 2019, when we have problems like plastic waste, water, noise, sand and air pollution ; living our lives in Eco-friendly way is the only solution. Usage of handicrafts is one of best, beautiful , creative and colourful ways to support eco-friendly and contribute to environment.

Let’s save what we are left with

Because WE have only one PLANET to exist.


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