The Journey of a HomeMaker to an Artist ; taking Indian Art to International Heights

Sambedana das mohapatra

From daily household chores to Brush Strokes: This Self taught Artist evolved herself  during the Corona  Pandemic and now on a mission.  Her Story Sambedana Das Mohapatra, a self-learned artist, has now taken Indian local artforms like Mandala, Pattachitra, Madhubani and Warli to showcase in International Stages. Now she is the owner of Oasis Creative … Read more

Sudarshan Sahoo : Odisha born sculptor to get Padma Vibhushan at 83

Sudarshan Sahoo

Odisha’s Renowned Sculptor Sudarshan Sahoo To Get Padma Vibhushan award 2021. Proud moment for the state and the country. About the Shilp Guru Sudarshan Sahoo Shilp Guru Sudarshan Sahoo is born on 11th March 1939 at Puri  in Odisha, India.  This year 2021 he gets this prestigious award to preserve the heritage art and  lifetime … Read more

This Kolkata Man is a Man of Matchsticks

Matchstiicks Art

Man of Matchsticks!!! Yes. He is an Artist and makes beautiful and massive creations with matchsticks. Who can ever can think of Art with matchsticks??? Let’s Know about Him. Matchstick Man’s Story He is Man of Matchsticks – Debasish Chatterjee from a village in south 24 Pargana, Kolkata, India, born in 1976 to a poor … Read more

The Story Of Leaf Art And The Heart and Soul Behind It

Leaf Art

An Artist does not wait for a canvas to make an art. Creativity is endless and an artist’s imagination can make any possible thing a canvas. An artist can use wood, marble, stones, clay, cloth or metal and create a beauty. This Artist uses Leaves and her creativity to create these masterpieces. Are you shocked???? … Read more

You will not believe She knows 36 forms of Art and Crafts


Yes, You read it right. 36 Art and Crafts forms. Tanjore Painting, Coffee Painting, Pichwai Art, Rajasthani Miniature Painting, Pattachitra Art, Mural Art, Silk Painting, Miniature Art, Abstract Painting, Stain Glass Painting, Tie And Dye Art, Batik, Fabric Painting, oil and acrylic painting, Clay modelling , Warli Art, South Style Tanjore, Pot painting, Ceramic Painting, … Read more

How She Handcrafted A New Home For The Temple Flowers Waste

temple flowers waste

Do you know that your Devotion is causing Pollution? Have you ever wondered what happens to the flowers that you offer to God? Surely, you do not have any idea how many tonnes of fresh flowers end up polluting the land and water bodies near our temples!! But Wait…..Temple Flowers Waste is not a waste … Read more