Capturing Memories in Style: A Review of Zoomin Personalized Hardcover Photobook Album

zoomin Photobook

A journey to transform fleeting digital memories into tangible treasures. When scrolling the phone on a Sunday evening, I came across this website Zoomin, where one can order personalized products for gifting purposes. Gifting is the act of giving something voluntarily to someone without expecting anything in return. It’s a gesture often driven by thoughtfulness, … Read more

From Clutter to Creativity: Discover 5 Fun Projects for Your Kids’ Art Collection

Kids art collection

Unlocking Creativity: Innovative Approaches to Preserve and Repurpose Children’s Artwork Every parent knows the joy and pride that comes with their children’s artistic creations. The refrigerator becomes a gallery, covered in finger-painted masterpieces and imaginative drawings. However, as time goes on, the accumulation of these cherished artworks can lead to clutter and a dilemma – … Read more

Product Review – Moroccan Grandeur Hand-Etched Pendant Lamp from iTokri

Pendant Lamp

All about the beautiful Pendant Lamp from iTokri. As a huge fan of handicrafts and art I am always in search of unique designs and product that speaks art. Always wanted a statement lamp to compliment my living space. Landed up on the website of iTokri and got really amazed to see the wide range … Read more

Product Review- Rajasthani Folk Artist Showpiece from Exclusive Lane

Exclusive lane Rajasthani folk artist

Product Review: I recently thought of adding few decor items to our living room. While searching through the internet and being crazy over handicrafts I wanted to add some traditional element to the room. Then I bought a decorative showpiece featuring a Rajasthani folk artist from the website of Exclusive Lane. and I have to … Read more

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Learn About Lippan Art Work

Lippan Art tutorial

About Lippan Art Work Lippan art work is a clay art form from the state of Gujarat, India. Mud and Mirror Work is mainly done by the women of the Rabari community. They are nomadic pastoralists who moved to Kutch from Sindh 700-800 years ago. The women are so experienced in this art form that … Read more