How She Handcrafted A New Home For The Temple Flowers Waste

temple flowers waste

Do you know that your Devotion is causing Pollution? Have you ever wondered what happens to the flowers that you offer to God? Surely, you do not have any idea how many tonnes of fresh flowers end up polluting the land and water bodies near our temples!! But Wait…..Temple Flowers Waste is not a waste … Read more

This Story Behind Coconut Shell Crafts Will Amaze You For Sure!

coconut shell craft images

Name a fruit which you can Eat, Drink or burn to make Fire? Any Guesses ??? The Answer is COCONUT. But can you believe, used coconuts turned into daily usage products and cutlery? Yes , Coconut Shell crafts are one of the famous handicrafts of Kerala. This Artist named Yoosaf Said from Kerala, makes handmade … Read more

Best Eco Friendly Products that you should Start Using Immediately in 2020

Best Eco Friendly Products

We all know the saying ” Its never too late” but we are actually already late in taking care of The Earth.  Today one of the major issues that our Planet is facing is the Plastic Pollution. And the major solutions to this are by changing a few habits, use best eco friendly products and … Read more