Odisha, a treasure of ancient art forms & best handicrafts

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Do you want to know about the best handicrafts of  Odisha? You have come to the right place.

Welcome to the land of temples. Odisha, or previously known Orissa is a great place where one can find beautiful temples, magnificent architecture, lovely beaches, sculptures with mythological stories, food delicacies and many more.

Puri and Konark are the first things known to all. On a visit to Konark, a photo with the Konark wheel is a must, all Odias can relate to this. Being an Odia myself its nostalgic writing about it.

The state is rich in a variety of handmade art. The handicraft art practised here are alive since ancient times. Here are the most popular crafts that make Odisha proud and a few are a perfect take home. As many readers including me, don’t like reading long posts I try keeping it short.

Let us start the journey with the name- Jai Jagannath.

Lord Jagannath
Lord Jagannath

List of the best handicrafts and artforms of Odisha. (This post contains affiliate links. For more information visit the disclaimer page.)

Best Handicrafts of Odisha

Applique work

odisha art and craft
Applique art Umbrella

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Applique or the patchwork is famous in a small town named Pipili near Puri. The temple in Puri where Lord Jagannath is worshipped is considered as one of Char dhams in India. Artists earn their livelihood through this art and have kept the art form alive from centuries. From the chariots of Rath yatra to every Odia home, these decoratives are a must.

Applique is a handmade technique that brings out colourful wall decors (called chandua) and many useful products as bags, lanterns and umbrellas. One can always find difficulty in choosing the best one, as each one is beautiful than the other.


Sea shell craft

Best Handicrafts of Odisha
Sea shell crafts at a shop

shell handicrafts

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Odisha has some amazing beaches from Puri to Ganjam district and has a variety of seashells in the heart of the sea. They are the natural treasures and craftsmen here transform them into handicrafts beyond beauty. Shell jewellery, figurines, mirror frames and shankh are liked most.


Sambalpuri Ikat

Ikat weaving
Ikat weaving

Odisha is also famous for its textile industry. Sambalpuri Ikat is one of the famous textile crafts of India. It is a technique of weaving fabric with traditional motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), phula (flower), colourful designs and geometrical patterns. These handwoven sambalpuri sarees are favourite among the state’s womenfolk. Few names of the designs are as Bomkei, Pasapalli, Dhana patri, Baandha, etc.


Sand art

Sand Art
pic source: odishatv.in

Sand art in beaches of Odisha is a treat to eyes. This is something which cannot be taken home but its definitely a unique art to admire. Beautifully carved sand sculptures which are speechless but speaks a lot and also spreads social messages. Sudarshan Pattnaik is a famous sand artist of Odisha and an awarded Padma Shri by Govt of India. I am his great fan. Are you?


Pattachitra paintings

Odisha Pattachitra
Pattachitra Art
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Pattachitra or Tasar painting is a form of painting on cloth. Originated in Raghurajpur-Odisha, this art is a traditional hand art form and uses natural colors. It visualizes mythological stories and intricate views of temples and folktales.

It is one of the best Odisha handicraft products for any living space to give the traditional touch and beautify the space.


Silver Filigree art

Filigree handicarfts od OdishaSilver Bangles

Presently found in the districts of Cuttack -Odisha, this art form is more than 500 years old. Artists convert lumps of silver into very fine carvings and products. These can be a very good gifting option and will be loved undoubtedly.

Dhokra art

art forms of odisha
Dhokra Art of musician figurines


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Dhokra art is tribal art. It is a method of non-ferrous metal casting. Found in the eastern states of India, it is 5000 years old. Unbelievable!! It exists till date and speaks history. Artists generally make tribal figurines, sculptures, art motifs, mythical creatures.

Palm Leaf Engraving/Etching

Odisha Artforms
Ganesh with Dasa avatara

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Raghurajpur-Odisha is again famous for this handicrafts art form of etching on palm leaf or Talapatra. It is a hereditary craft for the artists’ families. From mythological stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata to the ancient manuscripts, everything on a leaf. Lekhani is the tool used for etching. It requires skills, good eyesight and months of hardwork and patience for a single painting. Do you want one and feel ancient India?


Stone Carvings

Odisha Art
Stone carving of Devadasi


Stone carving is an age-old handicraft of Odisha. The descendants of artisans, who had excellence in temple building have kept the sculptural tradition alive through their hereditary craft of stone carving. It includes replicas of temples, images of gods and goddesses, the Konark wheel and decorative figurines.


Berhampuri Silk (Patta)

Odisha handlooms
Berhampur Patta silk sarees

Berhampur is known as the Silk city of Odisha and is famous for the silk saris, hand weaved here by the local weavers. The weaving technique is said to have originated over 200 years ago. The patterns used on the sari are very traditional and temple type designs. The dancers of Odissi are draped with these shiny saris. If you are a sari lover then one of these can be a good choice for your wardrobe.

Tribal Art

odisha art and craft
Soura Art on Canvas

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Soura tribal art or ikons is a folk art of Odisha by the oldest Soura tribe. These paintings are similar to the Warli paintings and hold a religious significance. The wall mural paintings are very unique and hold its artistic significance even today.


Jhoti Chitta


Odisha Artforms
Jhoti Art

In this modern era we hardly find time and tend to learn these skills but when we come across these rangolis, one feels so happy and grounded. These all white designs are a symbol of us not forgetting our culture even today. This traditional white art is basically made with white powder called murja or rice flour paste. Many different patterns are made by hand or a cloth by the females here. The entrance or walls of an Odia home are often decorated with this art. These designs are a must during festivals and marriages.


So, these are a few of my choices. I hope this article is informative to you and gets you closer to Odisha handicrafts and art. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

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