The Story Of Leaf Art And The Heart and Soul Behind It

Leaf Art

An Artist does not wait for a canvas to make an art. Creativity is endless and an artist’s imagination can make any possible thing a canvas. An artist can use wood, marble, stones, clay, cloth or metal and create a beauty. This Artist uses Leaves and her creativity to create these masterpieces. Are you shocked???? … Read more

11 Simple and Easy Rangoli Designs Made Using Household Things

Rangolis are a important part of Indian tradition. Various places in India have various styles and designs. The name Rangoli is derives from Sanskrit word ‘rangavalli‘. It is also one of the folk arts of India. No Indian festival is complete without Rangolis in the entrance of house or near worship area. Be in Dwali, … Read more

You will not believe She knows 36 forms of Art and Crafts


Yes, You read it right. 36 Art and Crafts forms. Tanjore Painting, Coffee Painting, Pichwai Art, Rajasthani Miniature Painting, Pattachitra Art, Mural Art, Silk Painting, Miniature Art, Abstract Painting, Stain Glass Painting, Tie And Dye Art, Batik, Fabric Painting, oil and acrylic painting, Clay modelling , Warli Art, South Style Tanjore, Pot painting, Ceramic Painting, … Read more

11+ Art and Craft Quotes that will Inspire the Art Lover in You

Art and craft quotes

Art has the power to motivate, illuminate, inspire, prosper, get creative and be independent. Include Art in your way of living. These Art and Craft quotes will inspire you. Art is a meditation and therapy.   Life is an Art, Paint Your Dreams. When words Fail, art Speaks.  Creativity is the natural order of Life. … Read more

Wear a beautiful Story of Pattachitra with Vipakka

Pattachitra Sarees

Sarees and jwelleries are every woman’s first love. And in fact the love for them is never ending. Imagine How interesting it would be to Wear a Story??? Curious??? Yes, you can wear a story. It is possible. This 44 years old lady, Mitali Madhusmita, incorporated the famous and ancient art form Pattachitra to make … Read more