Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Learn About Lippan Art Work

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About Lippan Art Work

Lippan art work is a clay art form from the state of Gujarat, India. Mud and Mirror Work is mainly done by the women of the Rabari community. They are nomadic pastoralists who moved to Kutch from Sindh 700-800 years ago.

The women are so experienced in this art form that they usually don’t draw or trace a pattern before beginning work. Rabari is the pastoral community of Kutch, living in the outskirts of its villages.

Lippan Art Work
Lippan Art at walls. Picture Source: Pinterest

It is mostly done by the village ladies from Kutch to decorate their homes. Traditionally, lippan is made by adding mud and cow dung and done on the walls.

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Lippan or mud-washing utilizing materials locally accessible in the area. It is combination of mud and camel dung. It keeps the insides of the houses cool. However the work is restricted principally to the inside walls, it tends to be tracked down on the external walls also.

These shining wall paintings bring life, joy, and magnificence to the existence of individuals of Kutch.

Lippan Art Work

Did you know??

If you are fan of Indian Bollywood movies, you would recall Kareena Kapoor in movie “Refugee” taking this art form and decorating the walls of her home with a song on her lips, while waiting  Abhishek Bachchan in white salt desert. Surely audience loved those artistic walls.

Lippan work in Refugee Movie. PC-Google

The art form has gained recognition beyond India’s borders, and is now being taught and practiced in other countries as well. Lippan art is a sustainable art form, as it uses locally-sourced materials and requires minimal energy consumption.

Let’s learn a more contemporary way of lippan using mdf board and clay.

Materials for Lippan Art Work

Materials needed:

    • Clay/mud (can be purchased from a pottery supply store or made by mixing soil and water)
    • Mirrors (small round mirrors work best)
    • Cardboard or other flat surface to create the design on
    • Pencil and eraser
    • Paint (optional)
    • some paint brushes and some cutting tools like ice cream sticks, toothpicks etc.

Drawing and painting


  1. Prepare the clay or mud by mixing it with water until it becomes a workable consistency. You can also add some adhesive to help the mud stick.

  2. Draw the design on a piece of cardboard or other flat surface using a pencil. The design can be simple or intricate, but make sure it’s a pattern that can be easily painted.

  3. Apply the clay onto the surface in the shape of the design, making sure to smooth it out as much as possible.

  4. Roll it, press it, pinch it, tear it. Anything you want to do to make your art look great.
  5. Carefully press the mirrors into the mud, spacing them out evenly and making sure they are securely embedded.

  6. Mirrors of different shapes and designs can be used. design according to your creativity. You can glue them straight onto the mdf if required.   

  7. As the clay starts to solidify, use the glue to fix the clay in place, as the clay is non sticky.

  8. Allow the mud to dry completely. This can take several hours or even a full day depending on the thickness of the mud.

  9. Once the mud is dry, you can paint the surface to add color to your design. Use the white acrylic color to give a base coat onto the whole art form.

  10. Paint with desired vibrant colours and make it more attractive. 
Lippan Art on MDF board
Art done by Snehanjali Rowlo


  • Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area as the mud can produce a strong odor.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean any excess mud off the mirrors before it dries.
  • You can also experiment with adding other materials to the mud, such as beads or colored stones, to create a unique look.


Nowadays you also get these amazing lippan craft kits on amazon to start with. Do check this and start your creation today. Grab your DIY Lippan Kit and make your own masterpiece.

Penkraft Lippan Art MDF DIY Kit


This is just one of the lippan kaam output after painting in vibrant colors. These things cannot be found much outside Kutch, Gujarat. So go ahead make one. Frame and decorate your home. Also check out another therapeutic artform Dot Mandala Art.

Dot Mandala Art

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