The Beauty of Dot Mandala Art

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Are you an art lover? As you have landed to this page, you want to know about Dot Mandala Art.

Mandalas are much more than mere designs. Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Mandal’ meaning circle. It is a circular symmetrical design with repetitions of patterns, that create an illusion of motion.
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colourful mandala art
colourful mandala art
Pic Credit : Art by Snehanjali Rowlo

Dot Mandala Art. What is DOTWORK?

It is considered to be a therapeutic art and reflects the artist’s soul. The mandala’s purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones.

This is the magic of art, which can convert anything into pure beauty. The mandala dot art patterns can be done on any sized canvas, terracotta plates, coasters, pebbles, trays and so on. The paintings can be used as gifts, home décor, wall hangings, fridge magnets, etc

Dot mandala paintings are done with the technique of pointillism. Thousands of coloured dots on canvas makes an outcome.

dot art coasters
Mandala Art designs
Pic Credit : Art by Snehanjali Rowlo

How can a combination of dots make such a beauty! Isn’t it amazing?

From Blank to Beauty! Just when you think it can’t get any prettier, then comes more dots. How cool is that!

Dot Mandala Art
Pic Credit : Art by Snehanjali Rowlo

Tools needed for Mandala Dot Art

Tools that were used to make the above circular coasters. Check them on Amazon to buy.


Since ancient times, Dot Mandala Art is considered as a form of meditative art. By drawing them, you can increase concentration levels and helps minds stay calm. Try it! You will end up making more than ONE.

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