Eat In It & Eat It – Eco friendly mystery behind Attaware edible cutlery

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Let’s know the story of Attaware Cutlery.

As we know that we are using and dealing with Plastics everyday. But, do we ever wonder what happens to them once we throw them after usage? They end up in the landfills and oceans.

India generates 9.46 million tonnes of Plastic in a year. 43% of which is single use plastic like packaging and plastic cutlery.

This directly effects the marine life and also effects animals & humans who are the creators of this PLASTIC. So the Plastic pollution is a big issue for living beings today.

Plastic is recycled too. But, the initial segregation of plastic is not done properly, hence 100% recycling is next to impossible.

We are so addicted that every other thing around us is a plastic. I know it’s high time and also tough to get rid of it instantly. But every effort counts and slowly we can take the mess out of the Planet.

Humans started filling water in the plastic bottles, but gradually now filled the water bodies with plastics.

That’s so upsetting. Isn’t it ?

That’s when Puneet Dutta ,the Founder and Director of ATTAWARE BIODEGRADABLE PRIVATE LIMITED, founded Attaware edible cutlery in 15th Aug, 2019.

In the year 2019, Punnet was travelling from Delhi to Vrindavan. During his travel he saw something floating in the banks of River Yamuna. He stopped there and found that those were strofoam (thermocol) use and throw plates which spread over to 7.5 kilometres. The scene  worried him.

When he reached Vrindavan many Sadhus were distributed food. And an old man did not get a plate. So he used two Puris (Indian fried bread) and asked to serve the food on them.

And that’s when he found the solution to the problem of floating plates in Yamuna. He came up with the idea of Edible cutlery.

edible cutlery manufacturers in india  Puneet Dutta Attaware

Puneet is originally from Delhi. He was a Global Recruitment Manager in California and now a full time entrepreneur creating these amazing solution and doing his part to save the earth and fight Use and Throw plastic cutlery.

As the title says Eat In It & Eat It. One can eat on the plates and then eat the plates too. They are made up of grains (all kinds as rice, wheat, barley, jowar, etc) and jaggery.

How Are They Made?

Puneet says: We mix grains with sugarcane juice and boil it at high temperatures to make it jaggery. Then we use jaggery chunks as raw material. We melt jaggery chunks and put them in moulds like we make idly.
Once they cool down Cutlery pieces are ready.

The whole process is based vedic technology.
For example, the temperature would be different on full moon day, half moon day or no moon Day or eleventh day of vedic calendar.

They are available as plates, spoons, forks, bowls, straws, glasses and containers with lid for storing food for 5-6 hours.


They do not melt, get soggy or catch microorganisms. They are single use and has a 6 months of shelf life. As they are edible, after eating your food you can eat the plates, bowls or spoons. They have no added flavors so flat in taste just like a papad or roti made of wheat.

But if you don’t want to eat, throw them and any animal or insects can eat. And if not it takes only 2 weeks to decompose .Whereas styrofam plates takes years and years lying there.

Thus, it has multiple benefits.

attaware products price


He said in Attaware they follow the

6 point Agenda.

  1. No Pollution– These cutleries do not create pollution such as land, water, noise and soil. No pollution during use and no pollution after use.
  2. Being Biodegradable – It gives back to the nature. Co-existence with nature.
  3. Supports Farmers – As attaware uses all types of grains in the making process. It directly supports farmers
  4. Animal welfare– The plates after use can be fed to the animals as well.
  5. Zero-waste – There is no waste generated during the manufacturing of the product.
  6. Water wastage is Zero.

Features of the Attaware cutlery

  1. 100% Biodegradable disposable cutlery
  2. Certified by WHO, SSI and Ministry of Health as a safe product to use during Covid-19 Pandamic.
  3. Suitable for storage in refrigeration and also microwavable.
  4. 100% Compostable
  5. Shelf life of 6 months.
  6. No flavours and added colors, no additives, no preservatives.
  7. Eco-freindly packaging done.
  8. Kids friendly too.
  9. Single Use Products
  10. Compatible for both hot and cold servings.
  11. Attaware Price ranges from 5rs to 25 rs INR.

They are located in Delhi, and are recognised as edible cutlery manufactues in India by many organisations and spreading their works across the nation. And are planning to grow in 86 cities in India and 89 countries in the world.

Puneet Dutta- Attawareedible cutlery india

India has banned single use plastic and pledged to eliminate by 2022. This is a great move by Puneet who has taken the initiative and made the eco-friendly cutlery set useful with so many benefits.

This is a blessing is disguise to fight the single use plastic cutlery. Thanks Puneet.

So, friends. Puneet has taken the initiative but it is the duty of every living being to save the nature. It is time to return back, give care to the nature not plastic. Use eco-friendly products and habits.

Next time you host a party, do take a moment to care about the environment too. Use this cultely and avoid single use and non biodegradable disposables.

If you want to contact him and use these amazing Attawares do check out

Social contact details are as follows:



Call or Whatsapp contact: +91 98710 14728

Please share the story of edible cutlery, as sharing is caring and let everyone know about this.

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