Best Eco Friendly Products that you should Start Using Immediately in 2020

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We all know the saying ” Its never too late” but we are actually already late in taking care of The Earth.  Today one of the major issues that our Planet is facing is the Plastic Pollution. And the major solutions to this are by changing a few habits, use best eco friendly products and less use of resources. (This post contains affiliate links. For more information visit the disclosure page.)

Let’s save what we are left with— Because WE have only one PLANET to exist.

Best Eco Friendly Products

So, here is a list of  Best Eco-Friendly Products 2020 that you should Start Using Immediately . As you already must have known that Living Art Life supports handicraft art and artisans, these items listed below are handicrafts. If you have visited this site for the first time you may also read other articles to know about the handicraft world of India.

 Bamboo Bottles


Eco friendly Bottles
Image Source: FB @The Guwahati Times

Plastic & Plastic everywhere. These days we are so much addicted to using plastic bottles. Not only using but also throwing abundantly. And almost everyone knows its ill effects. But, only a few have adopted eco friendly products and options.

One such product is the reusable Bamboo bottles. To fight the plastic use, Dhritiman Borah from Assam, came up with this unique solution.

The bottle is made with bamboo shoot and is completely organic. It keeps the water cool throughout the day even during summers. Isn’t it innovative and useful !!

Reusable Straws

eco friendly products online

The single-use plastic straw that we very often use with our beverages has been a great contributor to the Plastic pollution.

Plastic straws are the 11th most found trash in the ocean.  It takes about 200 years for it to decompose. Each year, one million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic. Though attempts are made to recycle plastic but to tackle this big mess change is needed.

Do you really feel straw is a necessity??

I don’t think so. NO STRAW habit can be adapted. So, if you are not using a straw at all, it is good enough.

But there are also straw alternatives to use. Many restaurants have started using eco -friendly straws. They can be biodegradable paper straws, bamboo straws, reusable stainless steel straws and  reusable silicone straws.



Jute Bags

Bags are everyday used essentials. Polybags are almost banned in many parts of the country but that did not stop its usage. It is still here and there.

Jute bags are the best alternative to plastic bags.

Jute bags are strong, durable, biodegradable, reusable and sustainable. And what more you need, when you also need not compromise in style point of view.

So, next time you buy a bag try to get one made of jute. I am sure you will love it.



Pottery products

Humans have used it for centuries. Pottery was the only sustainable products back those days. From the kitchen utensils, storage spaces, water pots to many household products. Even houses were made of clay.

In the rural areas, pottery is done to earn a livelihood and in the urban places, people are attracted towards pottery as a hobby and getting closer to the environment.

We can replace many of the products at our house with these sustainable themes.

Plastic flower pots used in the balconies can be replaced with the clay pots, water storage cans can be replaced with a handmade earthen pot or a ‘matka’, disposable tea cups in office pantries to be replaced with terracotta kulhads, earthen diyas and lamps to celebrate Diwali and also add earthen cookware for the kitchen.

You would love storing your pickles and seeds in these kinds of jars. And also adds functionality and a vintage look to the space.



Edible Cutlery to replace Disposable cutlery

Disposable usage is huge in today’s world. Be it in restaurants, small hotels or gatherings. They are a must. Even when there is a small gathering of 15-20 persons at home, I am sure people use disposables. They are making work easy, right?? But they have already polluted oceans and landfills are increasing day by day.

How about the idea of using eco-friendly products that serves the same benefits and does not pollute? 

In olden days, banana leaves were used to eat food. Even now in some parts of the country uses them. They are the best and that authentic feeling is awesome!

Then, various other leaves were used to make plates. Those plates made of leaves are called as pattal, khali, etc.

Plates made of leaves are definitely, the all-time best option to use. When thrown away they can be eaten by animals and hence benefitting way.

But there is also a unique product to beat the pollution challenge. They are the edible cutlery.

You can find spoons, ladles, bowls, coffee-mugs, plates and flavoured utensils. Eat on the plate and then you can eat the plate. That’s what it says.


Eco friendly toys


Toys are kids’ best friends. They love them. Kids often keep atleast one unique toy always along with them which they love the most. Most of the time, they play they come across plastic toys.

Plastic toys are cheap, affordable, easily available, attractive and along with that, it brings the effect of toxic harmful chemicals. And kids are more likely to get exposed to this as they are attracted towards toys.

But Eco-friendly toys are best to keep the good bond friendship between toys and kids. Wooden Toys, crochet toys, knitted dolls, Clay toys, etc.



Bamboo Tooth Brushes


best eco friendly products 2020

Every day thousands and thousands of toothbrushes are thrown away after use. And the majority of them are made of plastics which do not decompose and stay there for years.

So, imagine the count all over the world and all over the years. Surprising but sad.

Neem sticks, bamboo sticks and charcoal were used in olden times. And this has again come up with new variations and we should definitely start using immediately.

Bamboo toothbrushes are best eco friendly toothbrush. They are made from sustainable bamboo and extra soft charcoal bristles. And most importantly biodegradable. What else is needed to bring the change and fight the pollution in an ecological way ?



Gift boxeseco friendly gifts

Gifts are special but the gift wrapping is a one time use. Once the gift is unpacked, the so-called gift packaging  using those glittery decorations and plastic wraps end up into the dustbins.

Let’s make the gifts as well as the boxes special. You can always use reusable boxes to pack gifts. They can be made of wood, recycled paper bags, fabric wraps and less use of plastics. Reusable boxes can later be used for storage purposes.

Fabric or cotton cloth wraps are also a great way to pack things.


Indian Govt is already on the way to ban all single-use plastic by 2022. Know more.

Let’s aim for a 100 per cent plastic free India.

Along with this, I would also like to put up some points that can be done and put to the habit by all.

1. Save water. Use limited water or take short showers.

2. Walk wherever possible rather taking vehicles to even to the nearest park where you want to do your morning walks. LOL

3. STOP using plastic.

4. Use reusable products and encourage recycling every piece you use. REDUCE REUSE & RECYCLE.

5. Carry your own reusable bag for shopping groceries and veggies or anything.

6. Save trees. Switch to paperless bills.

7. Use non-toxic and eco-friendly products.

8. Recycle clothes.

9. Go organic.

I hope with such best eco-friendly products options, we can successfully avoid plastic usage in our daily life. You can find more handicrafts for home decor and designing. Do check out the article.

Also do let us know if you have any more ideas, we will surely include so that it creates the awareness and we be kind to the environment.

So, are you doing your bit to save the EARTH?????

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