Welcome to Cutesy Tiny world of Food Miniatures Art

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Are you Hungry? Tempting to eat these delicious dishes?

For All Foodies our there – You got tricked!!!

These are air dry Clay Food Miniatures.

Food Miniatures
From Yummy Momos to Pizzas and Pav bhaji to Kababs


How cute they are!!

Forget about your diet and eat through your Eyes.

As kids, we all used to love tiny little things to play with. But now, can you imagine realistic food into miniatures?

This Chennai–based artist Mrs Vithyaa Mahendran is the magician to create this tiny food world. She took this food miniature art form to such an accuracy level that it is difficult to find if they are real.

Food Miniature Artist
Artist Vithyaa Mahendran

You can find many famous food of Indian cuisines from all parts of the country. These are completely hand sculptured and customized according to the Food lovers.

Vithyaa’s Story

As an Art lover Vithyaa was always fond of making the best out of waste. She was a craft person by heart.

But when her mother passed away, she left everything and made distance from art.

During her first pregnancy, she was extremely bored. Then her Husband Mr Mahendran supported her interest and passion towards art and both came up with the idea of  Indian Food miniatures.

She created 150 plates of coconut banana and kumkum as return gifts for the guests, in her baby shower ceremony in just 1 month.

And Boom !!! That was the first baby step towards the Art. She got a lot of appreciation and likes. Few people also did not like the fact that she worked too much during the last days of pregnancy. But she did not give up.

And since 2015 there is no looking back and creating a masterpiece each time.

Food Miniature art

It is said “Behind every successful man there is a woman” but no wonder, this couple proved the vice versa.

Her husband and her family has always been her support system. “Though we have huge house loans to pay, my husband never said no to buy materials. Even if I have no orders, he gets me materials and asks to practice. He is the man behind my success” She says.

He travels a lot outside India for his work and is also a foodie, so he always comes to her with food ideas of different places.

As a mother of two kids , a home maker and an artist, Vithyaa is super busy with her daily life. But never compromises on the look and feel of the Food displayed. She works on each minute detailing to get the perfect final product. It takes 3-5 days to create one delicious looking plate of food.

When you are passionate about something and love doing it, you will find time for it anyhow. I work at the night time from 12 am. My mother in law also supports and chats with me and we share a good time along with work” she says.

She has created more than 3500 food miniatures till now.

tiny food
South Indian Mini Food

The best sellers are the South Indian dishes and Dosas. Her dream project is to make a platter full of food miniatures with traditional Indian dishes from all states.

Kids love these miniatures to use them play with their doll house.

Food Miniature Art

Miniature food

These food miniatures can be made as fridge magnets, collectibles for a dollhouse, pen-drives, key chains, clock, home-decor or even accessories like pendants, earrings and many more.

For Kids and Doll House


Food Miniatures
Tiny Baking World For all the Bakers and Cake lovers
  • These make a perfect gift for your loved ones and foodies.
  • They are durable, waterproof, can be washed with tap water or wiped with damp cloth.
  • They do not break, even when thrown at a 10 feet height.

Materials Used

Clay, acrylic paints, spray paints, dotting tools and things picked up from waste such as ice cream sticks, ear buds, lollypop sticks, bottle caps, knife etc. She makes the best use of waste.

How she makes

  1. Mixing Clay with acrylic paints.
  2. Giving shape to the food ingredients. They are completely hand sculpted and no moulds are used in making.
  3. Sticking with adhesive glue.
  4. Air drying for 2 days.
  5. Applying varnish for water proofing and gloss.

She customizes the food miniatures as per orders and delivers them in India and abroad. She also teaches this art to interested art learners.

So get the tiny version of your favorite food customized by her.

Something started as a creativity during boredom, is now her full time passion.

Find Vithyaa and fake food at The Craftin Cupboard.


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