Boon for Trees – Writing 1000 times in Reusable Books

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Can Books save trees and Earth?

The answer is YES. Apple Reusable Books can.

Did you know ??? 4 billion trees are cut around the world to be used in paper industries.

After knowing this, it is very painful to imagine how many pages of books are used by a small kid to practice writing in initial years of education.

A child writes more than 500 times for a single alphabet to practice and learn. Many mothers can relate that at times they erase the tracing books so that the kid can rewrite and practice.

That’s so irritating and tiring. Right Mothers?

Reusable Books

Vinod Jain from Ahmadabad came up with a solution to this problem. The innovative and Eco-friendly idea of Reusable books. He founded Science India 6 years ago, which is based on the concept of — Write Wipe Reuse.

Reusable books

The manufacturing unit is in Mumbai. Science India is India’s first and one and only Reusable books producer.

One can write more than 1000 times in the books. Kids can write and draw, wipe with wet cloth and then rewrite it again and again.

It is a boon to kids,teachers,parents and definitely life saviors to trees and planet.

reusable books in india

Story of Reusable books

Vinod’s father was a Principal of a school. He always knew the usage of papers in a single school and the need of writing books and copies in bulk quantity. Those days Vinod was working as a distributor of stationary products. So he was very well aware of the need of paper and the bulk usage. And he found this solution so that he can minimize the need of single use paper and save trees.

These reusable books are designed with such sheets that they are durable and non tear-able.

One can use crayons and sketch pens to write in these books eraser and wet cloth to wipe.They have a wide range of reusable notebooks, practice books, alphabet learning books, table books, coloring books, chalk books and so on,

Many of us must have used chalk and slate in our childhood days that made our practice much easier without wasting paper.

So they also have a reusable books for toddlers and reusable chalk books with lines and squares which is loved by everyone.

Reusable notebooks


Many parents and schools have used these books and loved it also benefiting the environment and saving trees.

Vinod organizes visits to schools to spread awareness about these amazing books and also exhibits in exhibitions, book fairs, etc so that parents can directly grab the product.

Science India

By using these books kids also develop a habit of reusing things, saving and planting trese and grow into a responsible citizen.

Best options as return gifts too.

Once your kids finishes using these books, you can wipe off the pages and make it a look like new book again and donate to kids who cannot afford education. It’s such an amazing innovation.

Save Paper , Save Nature

Features and Advantages

These books are

  • 100% waterproof
  • Washable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Eco friendly and Recyclable
  • No tear-able

Reusable books

This is definitely a WIN WIN situation for kids parents teachers earth and trees.

Make kids learn and use these reusable books and save trees. Not only kids everyone who loves writing, should use these kind of sheets to make best use of paper and not harming nature. Find the wide range online or contact Science India.

eco friendly books

Contact Science India at – Mobile – 9879260134  &  Email –

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