Giving a Voice to Independent Artisans: A Curator Platform’s Global Mission!

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Are you an art lover and want to see the magic of handicrafts of India and world ?
Are you an artisan and want to showcase your work on a global platform?

Then do read further and I am sure you will be amazed.

Handicrafts means heritage to the place. India being a treasure of art and artisans, the art forms change every 1000 kilometers. So, Imagine about the art across the globe. It’s MASSIVE.

Artisans should be appreciated because they dedicate their entire life preserving art forms and passing them to the next generation.

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She always marveled at amazing, lesser-known artistic talents she discovered wherever she went.  Here is an effort made by her to bring it all together and let unique creations and skills be made accessible to one and all.

Meet, Meghana from India whose passion for art, love for travel and interest in stories revealed through artisans’ works, led her to bring global artisanal creations together in one space.

Lets Curate

Ms. Meghana Giridhar, founded Let’s Curate in June, 2019. And Let’s Curate currently represents 30 artisans from 20 countries and growing!

Isn’t it Amazing???

She shared her journey with Living Art Life and inspires every art lover.

About Let’s Curate

Let’s Curate” is a global online platform to unite and empower independent artisans from around the world.

“This space was born out of my deep love of travel and an interest in stories revealed through artisans’ works. A chance encounter with a painter’s stunning artwork at an airport in India made me realize the extent of creativity and the lack of exposure she deserved. That was the catalyst for me to seriously begin work on creating Let’s Curate as an avenue to offer a platform for artisans whose work never gets a voice.” Meghana Says.

Indian Folk Art

Find Amazing combination of traditional artforms with home essentials and a variety of unique handmade products. They also have arty fashion accessories for all fashion lovers. Explore the handcarved jewellery or hand-embroidered Indian stole.

stole for women
Silk Stole with Handembroidery in Indian Kantha Style

About Meghana

Meghana Giridhar spent her formative years in Mumbai, India and has been in New York City for the past 13 years. An MBA in marketing and finance by education, she has worked with a range of companies ranging from VC firms, publishing houses and non-profit organizations over the course of her career.

In time, she set up an independent consultancy assisting small companies with branding and marketing services. She currently straddles both worlds but is happiest traveling the world and encountering artistic talent in unexpected places.

Madhubani Art

Once a Madhubani Art caught her eye so much, that she ended up chatting with the personable manager of the store. Madhubani Art is one of the ancient traditional artforms of India.

With no reference of artisan she wanted to ask for a custom art for her house. After a long wait the Madhubani was home and her heart soared with gratitude for the piece of art. Art brings her joy every single day. Read More Here.

QnA with Meghana

What future do you want to build for Let’s Curate?  

I envision the expansion of Let’s Curate into a collaborative space where artisans/artists and discerning lovers of handmade, culturally rich creations find a common platform to ideate and create in a way that retains traditional arts and also contemporary interpretations of the same.

It would be a meeting point for the past and future and lead to the formation of accessible and sustainable creations enjoyed by all who appreciate the effort and beauty behind handmade work.

What challenges did you face initially?

I always thought of Let’s Curate as more than a shop displaying global creations. To me, it represents an arena that goes beyond the business of buying and selling and more in terms of offering a voice and resources to a niche, deserving network of independent artisans. The Let’s Curate artisan is someone who focuses on taking the time to perfect their art rather than chase mass-production.

The biggest challenge was explaining the breadth of the brand at a time when the platform wasn’t even ready. It took me years to find and nurture relationships with the first set of artisans who fit the bill. I was also struggling with how to represent different aspects of the brand that includes the shop feature but also tying in showcase of talent through the Artist Spotlight feature.

Artisan webcasts and workshops with Let’s Curate

I am eternally grateful for those artisans who understood and believed in me and my idea at it’s nascent stage.

Handmade Jewellery
Handicrafts from New Zealand

Her Special Memory during this Journey

During my trip to Medellin, Colombia, I took a tour of a commune called Comuna13 which is considered as the most dangerous area in Medellin in the past. Over the past few years, Comuna 13 has undergone a complete transformation and now features stunning graffiti that serves to remember the past and hope for the future.

That was a very special experience for me because it brought to light how art can help with healing and renewing and why it is critical to provide exposure to all talent creating magic in their own way. The world needs that, now more than ever. 


Craving travel? Or Did you anytime missed out bringing that souvenir home, during your visit to any place in India or any other country?  If Yes, then grab handmade products online from Let’s Curate as they explore the world for you and deliver it right to your door.

We appreciate Art, so if you are an artisan, showcase your work on this global platform.

Follow Let’s Curate so that you witness the magic of best handicrafts from the best places of India, Asia, and across Globe.

We believe Art should reach everyone.

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