This Story Behind Coconut Shell Crafts Will Amaze You For Sure!

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Name a fruit which you can Eat, Drink or burn to make Fire? Any Guesses ???

The Answer is COCONUT.

But can you believe, used coconuts turned into daily usage products and cutlery? Yes , Coconut Shell crafts are one of the famous handicrafts of Kerala.

Crafts from coconut shell
Crafts from coconut shell

This Artist named Yoosaf Said from Kerala, makes handmade products using coconut shells and bamboo.

Coconut has a special place in the Hindu culture of India. It is believed to be an auspicious fruit and used in many rituals on pious occasion. This fruit is a complete package in itself with zero wastage.

Kerala state is famous for coconut cultivation in India. Today Kerala produces roughly 45% of India’s coconuts. Coconut shell craft is a unique handmade art of the state. Know about other handicrafts of Kerala.

Artist’s Story

Yoosaf knows the value of coconut, and made the best use of the coconut shells, which we generally throw as a waste. He proved that a Waste is a waste, till we think it a waste. He is 50 years old now and has created numerous crafts since last 10 years.

Mudra handicrafts
Coconut Shell crafts Artist Yoosaf Said

He is located in Puthuppady village in Kerala. He is basically a classical dance teacher by profession but passionate about making different kinds of handicrafts.

“He made lots of crafts since our childhood and he never goes to market for these products. He loves to make crafts not for sale but as a part of his passion. He did not learn this work from anywhere. He makes all items by himself”, Said his son Asad.

He does all the work alone. His creativity, dedication, ideas, skills, hardwork, patience are the team members. It takes a lot of time to handcraft the beauties from coconut shells.

Handmade Coconut Shell crafts

He has made products like

  • Coconut shell soap holder
  • Wine cup
  • Tea cup
  • Bowls
  • Cutlery
  • coconut shell flower vase
  • Pen holder

Process of Making

How to make crafts from coconut shell? He said that

  • Coconut shells are collected from stores. we purchase peeled coconut from stores.
  • We cut coconut and clean them
  • After that we use papers to smoothen the surface and make the desired products

No polish and no chemicals are used while making dining items such as coconut shell bowl, tea cups, etc

And other crafts like coconut shell flower vase, pen, etc are polished. All are handmade and using basic tools.

shell handicrafts
coconut shell bowl

Features of Coconut Shell Products

  • 100% Natural Eco-friendly products
  • No polish and no chemicals used
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • zero wastage of materials
  • Coconut shell itself is sustainable because of its natural properties
  • High potential material due to its high strength
  • low cost, renewable material
  • lightweight and can be easily carried.
  • Can be used as Home decor and beautify any space

Now Yoosaf’s twin sons Asad ansd Ashiq has taken this art and craft to a next level. They have supported their Father’s Art and encouraged his passion for art. They started Mudra handicrafts three months ago and spreading the craft online . They focus to provide eco frindly products.

Coconut shell soap holder is the best seller since they started to sell the crafts.

coconut shell soap holder


His Passion and Creativity turns each product into a masterpiece.

Hope this story about coconut shell crafts helped you know about this unique craft and the artists who have kept India’s traditional art alive past long years.

As the planet is struggling and fighting with Plastic Pollution each day, these products are definitely giving a ray of hope and  chance to save our Earth. Support such artists and crafts and do your bit to care for the nature.

Nature gives us everything selflessly and why do we give back  harm to nature?? Think over it. Use Eco-friendly products.


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