9 Reasons To Gift Handicraft Items

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Presenting a gift to our dear ones is a way to show love, care, celebration and affection. Gifts are a part of every occasion and relation. Many untold words can be heard with just a gift and the emotions attached to it. The 9 Reasons To Gift Handicraft Items and handmade products will let you know the importance of handicrafts.

We all love gifts and surprise gifts. But, making a gift can be so much more meaningful. So how about handmade gifts or handicrafts.

From Diwali to Christmas, from new year to new phase of life, to celebrate every festival, special days of life, anniversaries and all such memorable times we think about many ideas and gift options. So, here are the 9 Reasons to gift Handicraft items or Handmade gifts that you should know.

Reasons to gift Handicraft items


Being eco-friendly is the need of the hour. Handicrafts are generally created with what we have around us or what we have in abundance. So, with the production, there is no environmental issues or pollution.

And they are renewable sources so definitely harmless to the environment and life. These type of items can also be made to recycle and reuse, which means it is less waste generated.

When you buy ec0-friendly products for yourself or gifting, take a moment to realize that you are doing your bit for the environment preservation.


A personalised gift has its own sense of uniqueness and emotions of the giver. Going to a store and buying a gift is easy but personalised gifts create a bond in the relationship because of the thought and the time taken to create the masterpiece.

The handmade gifts can be made according to the choices, preferences, colour, sizes and needs. You may get your name carved on a wooden frame or a sea-shell. Art and creativity have no boundaries.


As variety is the spice of life, India being a country rich in art has a variety of handicrafts. Each state has something to offer. When you visit any place always get a souvenir as a memory of the moment.You may read: Famous Indian Handicrafts from 29 states of India

Budget- Friendly

When we what to buy any gift for someone, we definitely have a budget for that. Handicrafts are generally cost-effective because of its less manufacturing cost. So, whats good than gifting best thing and getting happy smiles and happy wallet in return.

Story behind each product

Each handicraft has its unique ancient story to tell. Its popularity, struggle and beauty that has kept it alive. Handicrafts are a pride for the artists. Production and usage of more and more of these help the art to survive.

Also read: 20 Unique Facts about Indian Handicrafts.

Supports the local economy

When you buy any handicraft product you not only buy the product  but also support the local economy and support the artist earn a living out of it. As a supporter of Indian handicrafts, I hope we all support Make In India.


Each handmade product is unique. No two painted pots by pottery are the same. Each will have its own colours and beauty.

pottery painting

Never Out of date

A handicraft product is never obsolete. A traditional wall hanging hung on a wall for 10 years makes the same impact every time viewed. It is such a feeling.

Becomes a Memorable Gift

Handmade gifts indeed make memories. When you are gifting a special Pattachitra Painting or a Banarasi Saree, it is so much liked and becomes a memorable gift to treasure.

If you find any other reasons you can give a suggestion and I hope reading the article  9 Reasons to gift Handicraft items helped you find the importance of handmade products.

Handicraft items


I hope after reading the article, now you know the importance of handicrafts. So, the next time when you have to gift someone, give them handmade products and feel the difference because handmade is always warm and lovely. If you have such gifting experience, you can share that in the comments.

Hope you make happy gifting and wonderful memories with it.

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