Top 10 Must have Indian handicrafts for home decor

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We all want our house to look good, beautiful, bright, lively and welcoming. A house becomes home when it has positivity, colours, little greens (plants), love and affection within the people staying in there. Handicrafts generally keeps you in touch with art, creativity, tradition, culture and grounded. Here’s a list of Top 10 must have Indian handicrafts for home decor to beautify your space and stay eco-friendly and art around.

Home sweet home!!!! Every home is special and unique.

In the modern era of living, where we hardly have time to follow traditions and culture, using an handicraft can help us keeping the art and traditions alive. And we still can make an impact to our future generations to follow and be proud of Indian art.(This post contains affiliate links. For more information visit the disclosure page.)

I am always very attracted towards handicraft products. When you buy any handicraft product, you not only take the product home ,but you also value the time, hard work, patience, tradition of the art (from the generations) of the artists put into the creation.

Be it a souvenir you take from a visited place or a handmade gift from your loved ones all are special in their own way. In this century you can get your favorite Indian handicrafts online.

Must have Indian handicrafts

Decorating home with handicrafts, adds a very good vibe to the space. Not only to eyes but also to mind and health. Adds that traditional touch and beauty and yes, definitely on a budget. Here is a list of must have decor items which will beautify the place.

Decorative Handicraft Hanging Bamboo Lamp

These kind of hanging bamboo lamps are eco-friendly and made of natural bamboo from the cultivation in Bengal and not processed with any type of chemicals. 100 % Handmade by skilled workmen of Bengal. Suits to any corner of your house and lets you beautify the space.



Handcrafted Braided Round Area Rug

A Rug is definitely a useful thing when is comes to usage and decor. Suitable for home & indoor spaces. This rug can be used for living room, bed room, guest room. It helps keep floor space clean. And the best part is it is eco friendly as it is made of recycled cotton. It is light to pocket and bright to home. So a must pick thing.



Hand Made Jute Traditional Cushion covers


We all use cushions to get comfy seating as well as adds beauty to the sitting area. An Indian home always has a traditional touch and hence these cushion covers satisfies all the needs



Vintage Wooden Hand-Painted Wall Clock

must have indian handicrafts

Nowadays when we hardly use clocks to see time, these kind of vintage clocks can definitely be a masterpiece for decoration. Just Perfect For Living Room , Bedroom , Hall / Guest Room , Kitchen , Office , etc , also a unique and useful gift purpose product. Wooden and handpainted theme makes them close to art and I feel it is one the must have Indian handicrafts.



Teracotta Hanging Bell

handicraft items

Hanging bells and the bell sound brings such cheerfulness and positivity. When I was searching for terracotta hangings this was my favorite. These hanging bells can take place in living space or in balcony and when warli hand painted art on it just reflects Indian handicraft art.


Mandala Art Wall paintings

Mandala Art designs

Mandala Art is a kind of painting where a combination of dots brings out a masterpiece. A circular symmetrical design with repetitions of patterns, that create an illusion of motion. You may also read: Dot Mandala Art

Handmade Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

Nightmare passes through the holes and out of the window and the good dreams are trapped in the web and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person. Having the scientific significance this helps in home decor as well. Colourful and ecofriendly.



Handcrafted Iron Dhoop Incense Holder

Every Indian home uses incense sticks for aroma and fragrance and to add the look this inscense holder is a great combination. This is very helpful as well as adds that metallic look to the living or puja space. I think this is a must have Indian handicraft.



Blue Pottery Decorative-Handcrafted & Painted Floral Planter Vase

Adding green to the home brightens up the space and gets you close to nature and also helps you breathe fresh air in this polluted environment. You can go for these handcrafted blue pottery vases as planters and decoration.



Iron Wall Mirror

Mirrors are definitely a needed thing for everyone. They can also be used to decorate the living or a drawing space. Mirrors can help a smaller space look bigger. These Iron Wall Mirror gives a very nice effect and look. Check this Indian handicraft wall decor idea.




When you buy handmade and handicraft products you are supporting Make in India Products crafted from natural materials by Indian artisans and helping them with a sustainable livelihood. So, be proud of Indian art and add handicrafts to your home decor.

I hope this article with the list of Top 10 must have Indian handicrafts home decor has helped you find your choice, if so like and share the article to promote Make in India.

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