You will not believe She knows 36 forms of Art and Crafts


Yes, You read it right. 36 Art and Crafts forms. Tanjore Painting, Coffee Painting, Pichwai Art, Rajasthani Miniature Painting, Pattachitra Art, Mural Art, Silk Painting, Miniature Art, Abstract Painting, Stain Glass Painting, Tie And Dye Art, Batik, Fabric Painting, oil and acrylic painting, Clay modelling , Warli Art, South Style Tanjore, Pot painting, Ceramic Painting, … Read more

This Story Behind Coconut Shell Crafts Will Amaze You For Sure!

coconut shell craft images

Name a fruit which you can Eat, Drink or burn to make Fire? Any Guesses ??? The Answer is COCONUT. But can you believe, used coconuts turned into daily usage products and cutlery? Yes , Coconut Shell crafts are one of the famous handicrafts of Kerala. This Artist named Yoosaf Said from Kerala, makes handmade … Read more

Incredible Phad Art from India to Dubai

Phad Art

Smita Aloni. She kept the Indian Phad Art alive, since 20 years, and has showcased the beauty of this Art in international platforms. This 49 year old Artist shared her Art Journey with us. Smita’s Art Story Originally from Indore, India – Smita Aloni is an entrepreneurial artist based in Dubai, UAE since few years. … Read more

14 Popular Indian Traditional Paintings passed down generations

Indian Traditional Paintings

India has always been special because of its Unity in Diversity. It can be the language, cultural diversity or folk art. India does not necessarily need colours and canvas for art, one can find Indian art on clay, stone, marble, wood, fabric, cloth, wall, leaves, etc. India has popular Indian Traditional Paintings passed down generations … Read more

Famous Indian Handicrafts from 29 states of India

Famous Indian handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts has its own unique history, starting from Indus valley civilization to modern style craft items Indian handicraft has been a very integral part of Indians. From thousands of years, India is known for its art and fascinating handicrafts which is still famous around the world. So, let’s know together about the Famous Indian … Read more