Profitable Handicraft Business Ideas from Home for Women in 2020

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Do you want to start a business in the handicraft industry? If Yes, then why wait? Just find the passion and work towards it.

If you have a crafty mind, creative and artistic skills then why not make it your own business. A little hobby that you had in the past can be your strongest skill today. Handicraft Business is one of the cheapest forms of home-based businesses in terms of investment. So, lets find out some Profitable Handicraft Business Ideas from Home.

When you do what you love, then you can create miracles.

Most of the handicraft businesses allow you to start and run from the home. Running these businesses can be both online and offline. But with the introduction to the Digital world, every year a huge number of artisans and crafters are emerging as active sellers.

There are many platforms online such as  Etsy,, Amazon India, etc. A great opportunity for the women, students, housewives and stay-at-home parents out there.

Handicraft Business Ideas from Home

Here is a list to help you find your choice. Hopefully, by the end of the article you would know what is your dream business about.


Craft business ideas

Embroidery according to me is “writing a story on a cloth”. If you have this skill then you can convert any piece of cloth to a gorgeous beauty. Be it a handkerchief, a bedsheet, child’s dress or a normal kurti you can make it beautiful till your imagination.

Basket Weaving

News Paper Baskets
News Paper Baskets

Baskets are very much used in daily use purpose. With the increasing use of plastic baskets and its effect to the environment, people should shift their preferences to baskets made of bamboo, cane or jute. And using these natural resources, weaving baskets is a good option of craft business ideas from home.

And also you can use the idea of recycling old newspapers to baskets. They are durable and also available in many sizes. I personally liked the idea behind it.


Home Business crafts
Acrylic Painting done by Snehanjali Rowlo

Painting is a magic of splashing colours with brushes in a certain way to create an art. There are a number of types of paintings like Oil painting, Watercolor painting, Pastel painting, Acrylic painting, Spray Painting, Wall painting, Enamel paintings, Tempera paintings, and many more.

Each one is different from the other as they use different techniques. But definitely its not rocket science. There is so much demand of paintings. Artist Snehanjali Rowlo, being a software engineer, loves to paint and creates mesmerizing fusion of colours on canvas.  Painting is a great way to express art and also has great value for which people can pay.

Woolen Knitting and Crocheting

Handicraft Business Ideas from Home

Woolen Knitting

Knitting and Crocheting can create a variety of choices. Hand knitted products are loved by all. The unique knitted products ranges from sweaters, kids accessories, stuffed animals,. The opportunities are endless, all you need  is knitting needles, some yarn, creativity, love for the art and you’re in business.

Wall Murals

Traditional Paitings
Traditional Paitings

A very important part of the home decor is to decorate the wall. There are a wide range of wall arts that you can choose to learn according to your preferences. India is rich in traditional paintings . You can create wall murals of different sizes and styles and sell.


Pottery Art
Pottery Art

Pottery is one of the soul fulfilled art. Handling clay on the potters wheel and converting into surprisingly amazing variety of useful things and decor. Where men and women of rural India are earning through pottery, the people from metro-cities are taking the art as hobby and experiencing the simplicity of the art, smell of the clay, creating own ceramics, etc. So, pottery is a business that is never too late to learn and create masterpieces and start a business of own.

Making Eco-Friendly crafts using recyclables

Newspaper dolls
Newspaper dolls made by Artist Radhika

As saving the environment is one of the biggest concern these days, recycling any item is the only solution. Various creations can be made from bottles, jars, plastics, wood, steel, paper and newspaper. One such craft is making newspaper dolls.

Artist Radhika from Tamil Nadu creates these beautiful dolls by reusing old newspapers. Few old newspapers, some amazing colours and one idea, turned papers into these beauties. She has made this collection and also a passion. She is an inspiration to a lot of people.

Aren’t they pretty?

Glass Painting

Craft business ideas from home
Glass Painting done by Artist Rani Arora

Glass painting is a art technique of painting themes on glass. It is very delicate yet very beautiful. Glass art can be done to make wall hangings, home decor products, tablewares, etc.

This painting is done by Artist Rani Arora which depicts nature, birds and colours. It can uplift the beauty of the space when used for decor. So, if you are really loving this then get your hands into colours and make creations.

Bead Craft and Jewellery Making

Jewelley making as home business

Jewellery is every women’s ‘love at first sight’. A simple ornament piece can make a huge change in looks as well as the occasion. And if you are little creative you can make money out of jewellery making. It is indeed one of the best craft business ideas from home.

Artist Chippada Shailaja designs bangles and jewellery at home and makes occasions of her customers very special. The material and beads are available but the efforts, time, patience, creativity are priceless.

How can anyone not love these colourful bangles!!!  Visit: Bhilai Maateshwari Bangle Collection

Clay Miniatures

Fake Food Clay Miniatures

As kids we all used to love tiny little things to play with. But now, can you imagine realistic things into miniatures? This is an art to convert any thing into miniatures. And yes, it is possible. It is a creative business from home.

Artist Vithyaa Mahendran is the magician to create this tiny world. How cute they are!! These miniatures can be made as fridge magnets, collectibles for a dollhouse, pen-drives, key chains, clock, home-decor or even accessories like pendants, earrings and many more.

Something started as a creativity during boredom, is now her full time passion. Find fake food in The Craftin Cupboard.

Candle Making

Candlle Making
Candlle Making

Candles are not just to light and bright. They also are a part of Aroma Therapy. They have a therapeutic impact to beat stress and heal common issues. You can make a variety of candles or specialized in one.

There are sizes, fragrances, designs to choose from. As you will be working with flammable materials, extra caution is advised. Use natural materials so that it turns out an eco-friendly business.

Quilling and Paper Crafts

Craft Business from home
Image Source: Pinterest

Women spend their free time in making useful and creative handmade products. Quilling or paper filigree is a hobby for many these days but it can definitely be converted into home business.

You can just be creative and turn your imagination to reality. It’s going to be fun and business together. Its a good option as handmade gifts.

Greeting Card Making

Handmade Greeting Cards
Handmade Greeting Cards

In this digital era, greeting cards are not much popular. But this can also be a good business, as creativity has no limits. You can create eco-friendly greeting cards or seed sapling cards.

The concept is Don’t Throw but Grow, by putting card in soil. It will germinate within 2-3 weeks as it will have a seed capsule.

And  isn’t is a win win deal? You can make a success business and also contribute to the environment.


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. 

Hence Ladies, pull up your sleeves and march towards your dreams. These handicraft business ideas from home are high on demand. I hope you got your idea by now.

If you want to any tips about the art and how to start any of these business, or want buy these masterpieces you can get in touch with the artists. Please leave a comment for any questions and suggestions. We will be more than  happy to help you further.


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