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Living Art Life

Living Art Life is founded by Snehalata Rowlo, a Blogger. It is a tribute to the Indian art and handicrafts and including art in the way of living, as the name says Living the Art in Life. Bringing some lost stories of crafts, arts, artisans and keeping it alive from generations to generations.

Our mission is to be a one-stop for Art lovers and know more about the Indian art and handicraft creations.

Every state in India has unique artworks which has made the state to be proud of. This is an effort made by us, so that one knows about all the artworks of India. So lets make the ends meet.


Best handicrafts of Rajasthan

“Rangeelo Rajasthan” and 10 best handicrafts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, a famous state in India often reminds of palaces, forts, desert, camels, history, kingdoms, pink city, authentic food, puppets, …
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Best Gifts for Diwali

Best Gifts for Diwali for your loved ones

Every year Diwali comes with a huge excitement, fun, blessings, lights, decorations, sweets and happiness around. It is favorite festival …
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Best Handicrafts of Odisha

Odisha, a treasure of ancient art forms & best handicrafts

Do you want to know about the best handicrafts of  Odisha? You have come to the right place. Welcome to …
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