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Living Art Life

Living Art Life is founded by Snehalata Rowlo, a Blogger. It is a tribute to the Indian art and handicrafts and including art in the way of living, as the name says Living the Art in Life. Bringing some lost stories of crafts, arts, artisans and keeping it alive from generations to generations.

Our mission is to be a one-stop for Art lovers and know more about the Indian art and handicraft creations.

Every state in India has unique artworks which has made the state to be proud of. This is an effort made by us, so that one knows about all the artworks of India. So lets make the ends meet.


Handicraft Villages in India

7 Must Visit Popular Handicraft Villages in India

India is undoubtedly rich in handicrafts and art. And the origin of Art in India lies in rural area. Let’s …
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Lippan Art tutorial

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Learn About Lippan Art Work

About Lippan Art Work Lippan art work is a clay art form from the state of Gujarat, India. Mud and …
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Matchstiicks Art

This Kolkata Man is a Man of Matchsticks

Man of Matchsticks!!! Yes. He is an Artist and makes beautiful and massive creations with matchsticks. Who can ever can …
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Leaf Art

The Story Of Leaf Art And The Heart and Soul Behind It

An Artist does not wait for a canvas to make an art. Creativity is endless and an artist’s imagination can …
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11 Simple and Easy Rangoli Designs Made Using Household Things

Rangolis are a important part of Indian tradition. Various places in India have various styles and designs. The name Rangoli …
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You will not believe She knows 36 forms of Art and Crafts

Yes, You read it right. 36 Art and Crafts forms. Tanjore Painting, Coffee Painting, Pichwai Art, Rajasthani Miniature Painting, Pattachitra …
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