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Living Art Life

Living Art Life is founded by Snehalata Rowlo, a Blogger. It is a tribute to the Indian art and handicrafts and including art in the way of living, as the name says Living the Art in Life. Bringing some lost stories of crafts, arts, artisans and keeping it alive from generations to generations.

Our mission is to be a one-stop for Art lovers and know more about the Indian art and handicraft creations.

Every state in India has unique artworks which has made the state to be proud of. This is an effort made by us, so that one knows about all the artworks of India. So lets make the ends meet.


Attaware edible cutlery

Eat In It & Eat It – Eco friendly mystery behind Attaware edible cutlery

Let’s know the story of Attaware Cutlery. As we know that we are using and dealing with Plastics everyday. But, …
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Rakhi Types

Unique Types of Rakhis to celebrate an Amazing Rakshabandhan 2020

Rakshabandhan is a traditional festival in Hindu culture to celebrate the love and bond of the Brother-Sister relation. On this …
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Best Eco Friendly Products

Best Eco Friendly Products that you should Start Using Immediately in 2020

We all know the saying ” Its never too late” but we are actually already late in taking care of …
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handicraft business ideas

Super Easy Craft Ideas to make during Quarantine Covid19

As the whole world is affected by the pandemic, it is very important to save the world and ourselves right …
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Craft Business Ideas from Home

Profitable Handicraft Business Ideas from Home for Women in 2020

Do you want to start a business in the handicraft industry? If Yes, then why wait? Just find the passion …
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Indian Traditional Paintings

14 Popular Indian Traditional Paintings passed down generations

India has always been special because of its Unity in Diversity. It can be the language, cultural diversity or folk …
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